Why the Children Love it

This is a collection of 'reviews' from students about why they like to attend classes at Morris Allen Study Centres. What better way to understand a school, than comments from the students themselves!


I like Morris Allen Study Centres because they provide a wide range of books and all of them are so interesting that I can't put them down! Here I can make a lot of friends and the teachers are friendly and speak fluent English. There are games that rack our brains. Esther Au Yong, P4

I enjoy coming to Morris Allen Study Centres every week. It has helped me to improve my English greatly. Bristan Wong, S1

I like coming to Morris Allen Study Centres because...... I like to read the story books. Dina Wafa, PP1

Dear Mr Allen, after coming here, my grades in school have improved as I learn to apply the skills I learn here in my exams. Basril Nizam, S2(E)

I got better at reading, vocabulary, writing and English Language. I got better grades in school and my composition and comprehension improved and listening too. I enjoy coming to Morris Allen Study Centres. Chong Li Ching, P3

After joining the Centre, I have more confidence in myself now. I put in more effort in doing my work and perfecting it. Morris Allen Study Centres have helped me in my weaker areas like comprehension, cloze passage and editing exercises. I enjoy the writing and drama exercises we do in class Sebastian Kheng, P6

I have learned much from the Centre, be it comprehension, composition, listening or creative thinking. Sad to say, but I enjoyed the Centre English lessons more than those provided by my school. Sophie Azhar, S4