Great Places To Go With Your Children

Those of you who have read my booklet "21 Ways to Score A's" will know from Chapter 24 that it is really important to go out with your children. It stimulates them, enhances creativity, improves parent-child relationships and gives your children a well deserved break from academic routines.

I have divided places into wet weather and fine weather (indoor/outdoor) ones with an extra section on seasonal activities. I have tried to group places together geographically so that you could do a whole day with two or three nearby places with some variety.

With very young children a whole day is not such a good idea. Try when you can to take picnics and avoid fast food crowds. Take along things to play with - balls, frisbies, rollerblades, buckets and spades for the beach, books and pocket games to entertain the children while travelling.

Many of these places are easy to reach by public transport. Others are easier by car. If you do not have a car (like me!) then once in a while rent one (in the holidays or over a weekend) and explore the more remote parts of Singapore.

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