Teaching Staff

All 45+ Morris Allen teachers are trained native English speakers. They are selected based on their dedication, passion and qualifications as English specialists and all are registered with the Ministry of Education to teach the English language.

Beverly O' Sullivan (B.Tchg, TESOL Cert)
Academic Director

Beverly comes from Queensland, Australia where she has extensive experience teaching students from 5 to 12 years of age in a number of schools. Having joined MAE in 2010, she is very keen continue working with Singapore students and to promote the MAE curriculum which has been designed to assist students following the MOE syllabus. Her friendly personality and love of teaching will endear her to her students.

Deborah Canaway (Grad Dip Lib, Dip Tchg)
Deputy Academic Director

Deborah comes to us from Geelong, Australia, with her husband Michael, having had many years of experience teaching at all levels from pre-school to secondary. In recent years, she has been head teacher librarian of a large school conducting literacy sessions for all classes and has developed strong skills in this area. Whilst she demands high standards from her students, she has a gentle nature and students respond very favourably to her passion for English.

Michael Canaway (B.Ed.,Dip Tchg, Grad Cert IT)

Michael comes to us from Geelong, Australia, with his wife Deborah. He is a very experienced teacher who has been both a regular classroom and specialist teacher at all levels of primary school and has been responsible for organising many whole-school events. He is a very thorough and enthusiastic teacher who is able to gain the attention of the students and develop their skills. He is looking forward to the challenge of working with students in Singapore.

Sydney Pink (B.Ed, Dip.Tchg)

Sydney comes to MAE from Australia, with his wife Kim. He brings with him 35 years of teaching experience from 3-yr-old to 18-yr-old students. Sydney has a very genial nature and this enables him to develop a strong, positive rapport with the students; combined with his extensive curriculum knowledge, this will enable him to be very effective in facilitating English improvement here in Singapore.

Kim Pink (Dip Tchg)

Kim comes to MAE from Australia, with her husband Syd.  She  has  vast  teaching  experience from pre-school to secondary level and has been most recently filling an assistant principal role. Kim cultivates clear expectations from her students by using a caring approach; she has the ability to gain high work output from students by making the lessons motivating and effective and at the same time caters well for individual needs

Helen Gairns (Dip Tchg, Grad Dip Ed Studies, TEFL Cert)

For over 20 years, Helen has been teaching English to students from early primary level to adults in a range of educational centres in Australia. She has also spent time teaching English to foreign students in Papua New Guinea, London, Japan, East Timor and Qatar. This significant experience, along with extensive training in foreign language teaching, places her in an ideal position to provide high quality lessons for our Singapore students.

William Verrall (M.A., B.A., Dip Tchg)

Bill is from New Zealand, where he has been teaching for more than 35 years, including 20 years as a school principal. Before joining MAE in 2011, he also had several years teaching in the Maldives with his wife Lathee.  His vast range of experience is of great benefit as he assists our Singapore students to improve their English.

Latheefa Verrall (B.A., Dip Tchg)

Lathee has spent more than 30 years teaching in a range of New Zealand schools before joining MAE in 2011. Her added involvement in managing a library, providing ESL tutoring and coaching students for speech and debating competitions equips her very well for working with our Singapore students. She is a highly energetic teacher who devotes a great deal of attention to the needs of all students and they respond very favourably to this.